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Help Needed! New Zealand couple on world tour in Classic Mercedes needs parts in Portland, OR!


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I received this message from the local Mercedes club, please contact the individuals named in the article if you can help with parts or information. Thanks!



This is an unusual request for help related to a very unusual situation.


A couple from New Zealand is driving through the U.S. with their 1957 Mercedes-Benz 220s sedan. They have been in the US and Canada for 11 months and covered 27,000 miles - the first part of an around the world tour in the Mercedes.  A few days ago they had a catastrophic failure in the rear axle.  They are now stranded in Portland, and the car is at MBI Motors for repairs.


Rear axle parts for the 220s are urgently needed to repair the damage.


The couple, Fred and Elisabeth Smits, is looking for the rear differential casing and RH axle tube (MB casting number 180 351 0601 and the LH tube MB casting number 180 357 1918 - noting that these casting numbers are only indicative and may be different).  A full differential unit would be helpful also.


If any members have these parts, or know where they're may be some, please contact the Smits directly on their cell phone (310-617-7258), or call MBI Motors at 503-231-0444, or call our section Vice President, Ron Woodruff at 503-708-8151


The Smits' are on an around the world drive with their 1957 220s.  For more information on their trip, visit their website www.ClassicStrider.com or www.Facebook.com/ClassicStrider.

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