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Buick "Truck" celebrates birthday down under


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Just curious, do we celebrate or have special recognition for 100 year old Buick at the Nationals? I would certainly hope so




You got be kidding.  Only got recognition from the HCCA & the AACA that I have a 100 year old vehicle. 


In fact, the president of the AACA personally came out and give me a brass plaque for the milestone.



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Not to nit pick, but the article indicates that this was originally a canvas topped 4 door car (CX-25) that was converted to a UTE (pick up ) in 1931. Still it is a great family piece to have. Although Larry really does have a real Buick Truck!

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Due to necessity during the Depression and after WW2 it was a common occurence to convert a family car and turn it into a ute ( pick up ) ---- hence the term we use here -- it's been "uted"

These conversions were common practice especially on farms.  My 1929 tourer suffered the same fate.  Post WW2 was a time of austerity in regard to petrol supplies and access to new vehicles.  Farmers did whatever was necessary to keep the farm operational so the family car often got the chop.

My current 1934 project was at one stage a 4 door sedan and it was converted and used on a wheat and sheep farm for years until it finally clapped out.

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