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1947 Chrysler Windsor Trunion

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After going thru the repair bills from the previous owner I noticed a sizeable invoice for replacing the upper & lower trunion? Would this be the same as upper & lower control arms on the front end or? 



Thank you in advance for any info on the Trunion.


Bruce Watson



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Guest Bob Call

The trunnions fit between the control arms and the spindle allowing the control arms to move up and down and the spindles to rotate at the same time. Trunnions were replaced by ball joints beginning in the late 40's and early 50's.

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Trunion was a specific kind of suspension used by Rambler and possibly a few other makers. Chrysler used a king pin arrangement which is a little different. They spoke of king pins and spindle supports.


Not trying to be picky, just pointing out why you won't find "trunions" in your Chrysler manual.


Except, they did use ball and trunion universal joints for extra added confusion.

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