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Has Anyone Used Calli Tire for Custom Whitewall Widths?

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Some cars from the 1960's used whitewall patterns

no longer made.  Double and triple stripes were common.


In a club newsletter, I saw an article recommending

Calli Tire for producing whitewalls in those old patterns.

Evidently they are like Diamondback Classics, but

their price is much more reasonable.  Instead of $1000

or $1200 a set,  their prices were stated to be $460 for

a set of 4 --not much more than for standard tires.


Has anyone used them?  What did you think?

Is their quality good?


Here's a link to the on-line article, which appeared in the

July-August 2015 newsletter (page 14) of the Lake Shore Region

of the Lincoln and Continental Owners' Club:



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Is Calli's process the same as Diamondback Classics'?


I've had dual-stripe tires from Diamondback Classics

on my 1978 Lincoln for 9 years now, and they have

been great.  The only bad thing is the price, and it would

be good if Calli offers the same thing for less. 

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One of the Olds boards discussed them a while back and consensus was Calli uses imported tires exclusively whereas DB uses an American-made tire if they can get it.


I can't grumble much about Chinese tires. There's a set on the wagon now. They ride smoothly and quietly and with a little over 4K miles wear evenly.

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