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1956 Buick Century, Super, Special ('56) Power Brake Booster / Master Cylinder


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Does any one know if the Delco Moraine 1-year-only unit on the 1956 Century Riviera was available on the 1956 Special or was this may be a possible upgrade that could be easily done?


I have the same question regarding the 1956 Super-  I always see these two models with manual brakes, but recently I've seen folks parting them out saying that they have power brakes and wondering if they're worth a look for potential master cylinder harvesting.


I  want to rebuild mine but don't want to be without my car during the process and it would be nice to have a spare one of these rare things too!


I just found not one, but TWO used cores for $150 each! But they're out of a 1956 Buick Super and it's too far away for me to look at.


There's a 3rd one too but the canister is pretty rusty so I don't think if it's worth a rebuild.


The outfits I've found for rebuilding are the following:


  • $335 – Power Brake Exchange, CA – Michael: 408-292-1305    (+$20 return shipping)
  • $375 – Apple Hydraulics, NY – Lazar: 631-369-9515   (+$40 return shipping)
  • $445 – White Post Restorations, VA – Billy: (540) 837-1140   (+$30 return shipping)


Any one know of any one else out there willing to touch this unit?


I'm also interested in other folk's upgrades if any one has installed a more modern unit like a booster and remote reservoir that didn't take a whole lot of customization and extra work to the pedal arm, washer fluid reservoir, firewall, air box, etcetera.

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