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WANTED: Rear Seat for 1925 Dodge Sedan - Model B

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Here you are:

Between the two end spring rows the frame measures 21 5/8" deep.

At center it is 21 7/8"

The width between the front two rows of springs is 40 7/8".

At the outside of the curved portion the width is 42 5/8".

The compressed height of the springs is 5" at the rear and 8" at the front.

The overall height of the upholstered cushion is 6 1/2" at the rear and about 10" at the front.

If you have no spring at all Snyder's will make one for you >>> http://www.snydersantiqueauto.com/search?q=seat+springs

They do fabulous work but it isn't a cheap undertaking.......I'm guessing $300 minimum plus shipping.

You COULD improvise and simply use a sheet of plywood for the bottom, get some thick foam padding and compress it to the above dimensions.





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