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Trying to find a oil leak on my 64 300.

Do the oil journals to the rocker arms come up at the front of the motor on both sides?

If so, the heads are specific to right or left?


Got a substantial oil leak somewhere above the starter and it's quite evasive :angry: .

Doesn't seem to be coming from the intake manifold  or valve cover gaskets.

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It has been over 40 years since I had to clean out the passages so I don't remember if they were in front or in back.  I seem to remember that they were in back but logic says that as the oil pump is in front, they would be in front.  What I can contribute to is that the heads are the same, left to right.  The FSM says they are interchangeable but it is good practice to keep them on the side they were originally installed.  The '64 heads were made of aluminum and they did have sealing issues and now with time and mileage they have been also know to corrode.  I know you said it doesn't appear to be valve cover or intake leaks but an oil leak at the junction where the head meets the intake is very common, especially if the motor has been taken apart and not reinstalled correctly.

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