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For Sale - 1922 Chrysler frame, engine, fenders / barn find

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I received the following through the WPC Club Email. 

If anyone is interested please contact the seller directly through his Email link below,  don't reply to this post as it is not mine.


- Ian 


I have what i believe to be a 1924 is a barn find. it consists od a frame that is straight, a block, steering column, and both fenders im on a friends computer. my number is 858 444 0794. Idlike to sell this find.  There are lots of usable parts. For what's there, they are in great shape. I would like 2950 obo. I'm not positive if its last Maxwell or first Chrysler.My name is Chadd Rule.  If interested please  Email: 












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Not a Chrysler.  The first year for Chryslers was 1924, manifold is on the wrong side and nothing  looks close to being any Chrysler product part.

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Yes it is a Studebaker. It looks to be a Light Six from 1923 or 1924.  From 1925 the gearbox was attached direct to the engine. The cylinder bore should be 3 1/8".  In this era I don't think they had casting dates on the block as they did later in the 1920s.   According to The Standard Catalog the engine number should be on a brass tag on the right rear engine support but I guess that is long gone.  The frame number was on an aluminium plate on the left side of the chassis under the front fender.


I suggest you post this on the Studebaker page and hopefully someone who has one from this era will be able to put a more certain date on it.

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