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Spam Pie


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23 hours ago, old-tank said:

Disgusting.  Substitute some Vegemite for the Mayo and it would be...well... more disgusting.

If you look closely, this is made with an Oreo middle cream and cookie crumbs 

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I pass by this old mailbox every day. The old rusty box is nailed to a tree and is very, very old. After years of passing by this old relic I decided to stop and open the box to see if anything was inside. There is no home anywhere nearby the box. Just a foundation and an old cellar.  
When I opened the box I noticed an old letter inside as you can see in picture. The post mark on the envelope said July 7, 1903.  Due to age and weathering, the addressee on the envelope was no longer legible.  After pondering it for a few moments, I decided to open it up to see if there was any interesting historical information inside. Maybe a letter to mom. Or a letter from mom. Or some such. 

Much to my surprise and amazement, the letter inside said the following. 

“Mr. Johnson, we are writing to inform you that your carriage warranty is about to expire and to offer you an opportunity to extend your warranty. This is a courtesy letter and it is the last letter we will send before we close your file. Please respond with the enclosed, self-addressed and stamped envelope within fourteen days. Thank you.”  


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