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1983 Riviera Convertible Parts

Johnny Buick

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Hello Everyone

I hope that everyone who attended St Charles made it home safely. It was a fantastic meeting and I will be looking forward to the next one.

I am trying to find parts for my 1983 Riviera Convertible and hope that someone might have them for sale or could advise me where to go for them?

These include;

1. The plastic drive belts for the rear quarter windows. Mine are OK, however since I have the car apart, I would like to replace them?

2. The front A pillar door seals and stainless steel moldings?

3. Rear quarter window belt lines?

Thank you



ROA #14353

BCA #46404


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I've heard more than one person state that they have replaced the nylon drive belts with ones from a Chrysler convertible.  Those can be found in the Help aisle at your local jobber or through JC Whitney.  I think that Darrel was telling me that he did this when he rebuilt the motors for his convertible.  Perhaps he'll chime in and either correct me or confirm what I've said here.



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