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1957 Special - Help removing interior chrome

Brandon Todd

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Hello, i was wondering if anyone knew how to remove the interior chrome bezels on a 1957 buick. Like the blower motor or headlight bezel. I havent really tried too hard yet, but i dont wanna go prying if thats not how theyre supposed to come off. Also, does the big colored dash piece (the piece that the besels are on...orange on my car) come off in anyway? I am about to refinish it and didnt know if i had to paint it in-car or not.

Thanks! Inappreciate any help!

Brandon T.

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Pull out the headlight knob as far as it will go, then reach under the dash and find the little button on the side of the headlight switch (about the size of a pencil eraser). While you are pushing the button, pull the headlight knob out the rest of the way until it comes all the way out of the dash bezel. Then, you will see a little chrome ring around the base of the headlight switch bezel, around the hole where you just pulled the knob out of. The ring has a channel in it, big enough for a large flat=bladed screwdriver to fit into it. Unscrew the chrome ring from the bezel, and the headlight switch will drop out of the back, and I think the big headlight switch bezel then can be pulled out of the dashboard. Similar procedure for the other dash bezel.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

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