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Horn problem


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When I bought my 64 Riv the horn wasn't working, the guy had swapped in a tilt column and didn't hook up the horn for some reason. Fast forward a bunch of years and I'm retired and have more time to deal with the many little issues all my cars have.


So I went to hook up the horn only to discover it is missing the important bits, being the green plastic insert with attached green wire and the brass ring that seats in it. I have no idea where that would have gone. He did give me the original steering column so I figured I'll just pull the missing bits out of there, but naturally they're a totally different size, tilt shaft is about an inch in diameter, non tilt about 3/4".


Anybody have a busted up tilt column that I could buy the bits from? Or any ideas on how to get around this? He installed a toggle switch half way down the column that works but looks stupid and isn't exactly easy to get to when you're about to get sideswiped.


These are the parts from the non-tilt that I'm missing, need the larger diameter version





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