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bob duffer

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6 volt tachometers are available and they did make 6 volt tachometers during that time period, but for a simple testing/repair unit, Westach would be a good option.



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If i wanted to put a temporary tachometer in my 34 Buick to see what the RPM' s are ,would it have to be a 6 volt tach, being

my car is 6 volt... Do they even make 6 volt tach?

Try these guys. Popular with 6volt VW & Porsche people;

North Hollywood Speedometer and Clock Company ...


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I bought a cheap electronic tachometer that works on 6 volts on Amazon or something like that. It was about $50 and uses an internal battery and an inductive lead that you clip on a spark plug wire. It's not permanent but it'll give you an idea of engine speed while you drive. It's kind of a piece of crap and sometimes doesn't work, but I used it while testing my overdrive unit on my '29 Cadillac.



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