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31 PA transmission etc.


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Found the problem with my PA not having 2nd and 3rd gear most of the time. The free wheeling mechanism is not working. Installed to control cable and locked it in gear. Shifts and goes well with only one problem. This likely fixed the problem I was having with the detent holding mechanism as well. Need to verify.


When starting out it sometimes chatters like the clutch (replaced) is worn out. It is rather violent in nature and I think jumping gears. Will drive this one as is for the summer and work on rebuilding my spare.


Can anyone tell me where the various wires and cables go through the firewall? Got the care disassembled and have no idea where the wires & cables go.


Thanks for input. Need all the help I can get. post-113376-0-27141500-1435934106_thumb.post-113376-0-66389500-1435934120_thumb.

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