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Crankshaft Balancer removal


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I have removed bolt OK but tried to use a large 3 jaw puller lightly but semed to bend due to the construction of the plates

I have removed solid ones. I am replacing seal due to leakage. Hoping no scoring on balancer shaft. Have spare on parts car.

Anyone have a easier job getting off  Sorry forgot 51 Roadmaster

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Does the balancer have threaded holes to use a different type of puller?  Like this:




No holes present, I wish there was, any ideas. The plates are way to flexable with a large jaw puller

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Take your balancer to any large bearing supplier.  They will have a product called "speedi-sleeve" available from SKF.  If the correct size is available it is a quick low cost repair for seal surface dammage.


Good luck




PS: be extremly cautious if anybody tells you to build it up by welding and machining it down.  Balancers have a rubber bonding ring and can be easily dammaged by heat.


Edit:  see above :)

I really should finish my posts before pausing for dinner with the wife......  oops

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NAPA has a hub sleeve kit that I used on the snout of my nailhead.  Perhaps they have one for your straight eight.  Measure the O.D. and that may help them in finding the right one.  I scuff up the surface and then apply red locktite then press on with a shop press.  Tapping on with just a hammer can and has worked but you run the risk of a cock-eyed fit.  Then just peel off the ends as instructed in the kit.  Just some thoughts.

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