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Help needed - 1986 Caprice Wagon

Guest Ray RI

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Guest Ray RI

I recently purchased an 86 Caprice wagon and have an issue with the brakes. I'll be pulling the rear drums and checking all lines to see if there are any leaks causing the issue is in the next day or so but in the mean time I have been trying to locate a replacement master cylander just in case. The car has the hydraboost power brakes. Does anyone know where I might find a replacement and is it necessary to replace the master and booster as a whole unit??? This setup is all new to me as I am used to the setups on older Lincolns that ran off the power steering pump.


Any help/info greatly appreciated.

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"HydraBoost", boosted by the power steering pump, usually with diesel V-8s, has a bunch of power steering lines between the power steering pump, the brake booster area, and the power steering pump.


"PowerMaster" is a whole different breed of part!  An electric pump pumps brake fluid into a "bulb" reservoir on the bottomside of the booster, from the master cylinder reservoir.  With the engine off, the reservoir should be "full".  With the ignition powered-up, the fluid level in the reservoir will drop to about 1/2.


NOT sure why they needed different brake boosters for the wagons than for the cars!  Not sure why you couldn't put a regular vacuum booster on a gasoline-engine wagon, but proceed a your own risk in that area.



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