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1931 Plymouth

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Have started reassembling my 31 PA so we can drive it for the summer. Then back to garage for more work. (Much more I am afraid.

Mechanics of it are mostly good - new brakes, clutch, starts and runs well.


However it is difficult to get it into 2nd and 3rd.  Wont stay there when I do get in gear.   Any ideas??


Pictures show a cowl mounted coil. I am actually using an original under dash mounted coil and key.











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Won't stay in gear?  When that happened on my car it was a synchronizer.

I believe that there are no synchronizers in the 1931 Plymouth transmission.

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I believe that there are no synchronizers in the 1931 Plymouth transmission.

1935 was the first year for Plymouth to have synchronizers.


From the parts book it looks like there were two different transmissions for the PA one with square cut gears and another one shared with the PB that had helical gears. Both look to have a sliding dog clutch for engaging 2nd and 3rd.


Both transmissions look like they used the funky method of bolting the shift lever onto the frame cross member and simply extended the end into the separately mounted transmission like they used on '33 and '34 PC through at least PF models. If the engine/transmission assembly has shifted slightly it might affect the throw of the shift lever and make it difficult to fully engage a gear. What kind of shape are your engine mounts in?

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Thanks for the reply.


The trans mount is new. Front mount looks to be ok. Engine does not appear to rock much on acceleration.

Shift is bolted to the cross member. Will look at that tomorrow to ensure it is securely fastened and engages both sliding mechanisms in the trans. 


It will jump out of first occasionally - Note that when it jumps out of gear there is no movement felt on the shift lever.


May not have the correct springs in the detent mechanism.


Will let you know what I find tomorrow.



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Bearings are fine. Installed new seals before reinstalling.


Springs are too tight when bolts are tightened. They are correct springs. Balls were all replaced. Maybe too small?

Any spec of the size of the balls for the detent?

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