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322 clean bored engine block $50 - in Portland

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Good for you Mark!!! What I like about CL sellers like these, you never know what else they just might have and ready to part with  when you get there. Now all you need is a little 20's Buick Roadster to put it in. yowsir


The ad >  Buick 322 nailhead engine block that was machined by C's machine shop in vancouver. it was bored 30 over, new cam bearings were installed and it was all cleaned up. I have around 300 invested in this and the project changed directions. no work was done to the heads. but many of the other parts were run through a parts washer and are ready for paint. I think the block is a 1955, but will work for a 1953 to 56 or would look great in a hot rod! no pictures but it looks like every other engine block.

 is a steal!! <

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