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65 Classic 287 Torque Tube/Transmission fitting problem

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Hi guys, 

I have had my transmission rebuilt and now when mating it to the torque tube the plates don't meet and have a 10-15mm gap. The axle came forward when removing the transmission so I'm wondering if this seal on the axle in the middle has moved or something like that. I have measured the yoke that connects to the diff and it has a 50mm female joint, but the axle only seems to go in 40mm. The seal about halfway along also has 4 even grooves that the shop thought might need to be alligned inside the tube when fitting the axle back in but this doesn't seem the case. Can anyone shed some light on this subject? Could the trans yoke be too long? Thanks in advance!
Pictures are here as I couldn't upload them. http://enforcegroup.com.au/rambler/



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