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Hi all,


I'm back with an update to this thread. Long story short we're selling the TC as is if anyone out there is interested in a project or parting it out themselves. Unfortunately I don't have the car knowledge to part it out myself. It is a 1989 automatic TC with major damage to the front portion of the car from a hit and run accident. It is located in Baltimore, MD. Some pictures are below. Up until the accident it was in great condition with 40k miles. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any more details.




Over six months later we're still in arguments with the insurance company over coverage, but at this point we're ready to let it go. If anyone wants to save this TC from the scrap yard let me know!

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Hi  What's the interior look like? How about the armrest.  Pictures you posted look good.  Don't let up on the insurance company, think about small claims court too.  Good to $10,000 where I live.

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