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INFORMATION: I would appreciate any information, suggestions, good experiences, or bad<BR>experiences with nationwide car movers. I plan on purchassing a Mod. T sometime this<BR>spring and having it shipped from the Northwest to Anchorage, Alaska. and I have never<BR>shipped a vehicle before. Shippers I have contacted that did respond have ranged<BR>$1,000.00 in price differences and they all gurantee complete satisfaction, but I know<BR>there are some that I should probably steer clear of, but I do not know who they are or<BR>what ploys to watch for. The best price quote I have received so far is from<BR>AAAdvantage Auto Transport, Inc, out of Tempe, Az.. I would especially be interested in<BR>hearing from anyone that has had experience with this outfit. Thanks for your time.<BR>Jim Uhl (907)376-2789<BR>HC 30, Box5434, Wasilla, Ak USA <BR>Please e-mail to uhldwm@alaska.net

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