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Weatherstripping 1950 Buick 76R


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I own a 1950 Buick 76R. I have the master chassis and body parts book ( 476 pages or whatever each ) and cannot find the weathersripping that goes on top of the front door itself. It starts at the top point of the vent window and goes down the door where it bends straight down and extends a few inches down the door by the hinges. Rain comes in the corner of the door. The door where the weatherstripping is missing has a stainless metal piece that has a couple of screws and the side is etched ( I suspect for helping the weatherstripping adhesive stick better ). Every catalog ( Steele Rubber etc. ) does not show this. I think on page 90A of the body parts book it shows the 1950 door and it isn't there. A few pages later there is a door for 1953, I believe it shows the piece I need. Can you help me locate the part # and/or where I can purchase for both front doors? I live in Florida and it rains a lot, so this is kind of a big thing for me to get fixed. My car is in excellent condition ( won 1st place at the Florida West Coast AACA show in November ). I just like to keep my car original as I can and like to show her. Any help would be greatly appreciated<P>------------------<BR>

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