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Why no email

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Thanks for your effort 1939_Buick but that did not seem to get the job done.

I clicked on my name at the top which brought up a box with 7 choices.

( By the way, putting the cursor on them shows a small box with the choice repeated, no description or info as to what that choice means or will do, lots of big help there)

I clicked on MY SETTINGS which brought up a page titled "General Account Settings" ( didn't seem to be anything there that applied)

There is a column on the left with " Notification Options" not preferences but maybe close enough?

When opened it does bring up " Notification Preferences" (apparently the words Options and Preferences are used interchangable at random), on this page there are 2 icons one for "Notification list" and the other for "Email" these are headers for selections below and all selections are set with EMAIL box marked.

Can anyone else help here?

Forget adding my location, just enabling emails is tough enough!

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Let me see if I can clear up some confusion for you.

I might be wrong, but I think what could be done on the old vBulletin forum was to send a Private Message by clicking on a poster's name, and that is still possible with the new forum.

If I hold my cursor over your name in the above post, I get this pop-up box:


If I click on the highlighted "Send Message" button, a blank PM form opens and I can send you a Private Message (which I have just done). This is a message within the AACA forum, i.e. it is not an email. If you look at the top right on any page, you'll see a little open envelope icon. If you have an unread PM, you will see a red number one atop the envelope icon.

If you have your notifications matrix set to do so, you will receive an email from the forum software telling you that someone has sent you a PM. Depending on how Peter has configured it, that notification email may or may not show the actual message that is in the PM you were sent.

The important thing to keep in mind is, if the PM content is repeated in the notification email, you cannot simply hit reply to respond to the person who sent you the PM. The sender of the notification email is the AACA forum and if you simply hit reply, your email with go most likely to Peter.

To reply to a PM, you need to go into your Message area on the forum and reply from there. There should be a link in the notification email that will take you directly to the PM so you can reply or you can click on the envelope icon at the top of the page to enter your Message area.

To address your subject line question "Why no email", in general forum software packages like vBulletin and IP.Board do not expose (make visible) members' email addresses in order to prevent spammers from harvesting them to use for their slimy activities.

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Just to follow up, below is a screenshot of the notification email the AACA forum sent me to inform me that Layden had replied to my PM. It does include the content of Layden's reply within the notification.

Also note that it warns me not to reply directly to the email because Layden was not the one who sent the notification email, thus a direct reply would not reach Layden.


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