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Need Electrical Help With head lights


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I need some help with the headlights on my 1965 Riviera. I have replaced the Head lamp switch and I have a relay coming. Does the relay only control the visors or does it also generate the circuit to the head lights as well?

My problem(although I have many outside the Riviera) is I have tail lights, I have park lights, My visors both open and close with the headlight switch, but my head lights do not work(light). I can hear the relay click when I pull the switch but no light. I have the dimmer switch plugged in the extra wire that normally goes to the cruisematic option is not connected to anything. I have cleaned and checked all grounds to no avail. Contacts to the switches and fuse block checked and cleaned( I believe the Orange and black wire going to the relayT's off connected to the yellow wire going to the fuse panel(fuse pos#2 on the fuse block)

Please I could use some suggestions as to all areas to check!

Thank you in advance!

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Thought I would post an update!\

I was able to find the issue. It turned out to be the combination of corroded contacts at the headlight wiring harness and I was able to determine both low beam seal beams were burnt out. When I hit the high beams at the dimmer switch the lower seal beams lit up. After replacing all four sealed beams the issue is resolved.

I am just glad to say the visors are working great without the second relay having to be installed (ie "KNOCK ON WOOD")

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