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Wrong Carburetor - But Runs Good - 1941 Commander

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I have owned my 1941 Commander for 3 months now and I'm having a ball with it! (11A B3)


Recently I was having some starting trouble and though maybe it was carb related.  I thought I'd rebuild the carb.  But when I checked the carb number I found out it was the wrong carb.  It is a Rochester (see photo).  But the car starts and runs nice!


Ever heard of such a thing?




John in NJ






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We find approximately 65 percent or so of older vehicles have the wrong carburetor for one reason or another. Yours is just more obvious than most (Rochester wasn't in business in 1941). Doesn't mean it won't work.


The picture shows the identification tag, which will aid you in getting the proper rebuilding kit, should you decide to rebuild.


This link: http://www.thecarburetorshop.com/Kstudebaker.htm will help you determine the correct carb, should you decide to go back to original.



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