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WTB '50-'53 Buick "Dynalite" accessory + more


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As the title says, looking for one of those Dynalite accessories that mount to the shift indicator bezel.  I think they were offered for the '53 but are backwards-compatible to '50 and perhaps earlier.  I see them on eBay every once in a blue moon but for some reason I've never been able to snag one.  


Also looking for:


'50-'53 passenger side seat apron, any color with no cracks

'51-'52 driver's side grill bar extension

'50-'53 hardtop antenna insulator (rubber block that the antenna cable fastens to; antenna passes through it but it's a different size hole  for the hardtop's antenna stem)



Many thanks!


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They look nice...I had a "Safelite" bezel light on a '52 72R years ago...but I am kinda shocked that nobody has repopped this item.  It's not an actual Buick accessory I don't think so it wouldn't need to be licensed by GM, right?  Never seen one in the box though.

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Guest my3buicks

The dyno-lite was an actual Buick accessory - mine came in the typical Buick box with group and part number.

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