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1950 Plymouth P19 Deluxe fastback *SOLD*

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Well, it's Friday and that means new arrivals. This week it's a tidy little 1950 Plymouth 2-door sedan which shows what I believe to be just 59,000 or so original miles. This is actually the second one of these that I've had in the past few years, both the same color. The last one sold for about $12,000 and wasn't nearly this nice, and if you want a fun, reliable, easy-to-drive, and handsome entry-level hobby car, I would heartily recommend this one. I've learned that these post-war Mopars are some of the best-driving cars of the period, regardless of price, and the over-achieving six-cylinder engine is every bit a match for a comparable V8 Ford. At any rate, this one has recent paint and interior, but I don't think it's ever been apart. The paint is a pretty correct rendition of Kitchner Green, which appears to be this car's original color. No metallics or other changes, just a clean, shiny finish that looks great. I see no evidence of shoddy bodywork or rust and everything fits together pretty well. A majority of the trim is stainless, so it's in great shape and will be easy to polish, so no massive bill at the plating shop sometime down the road. I think the glass is original, as is much of the weather-stripping, and if there's one demerit, it's in the rubber department. It's not bad, but some pieces look pretty old. It has accessory headlight covers, which I don't particularly care for but I know it's a period look, as well as a set of green "breezies" on the vent windows. It looks pretty tidy, don't you think?


The interior was probably done when it was painted, and it uses correct striped broadcloth for a factory look. The door panels are also newer, while it looks like the rubber floor mat and headliner are good original pieces. The woodgrained dash is in excellent shape and all the gray-faced gauges are sharp and functional except maybe the gas gauge, but I haven't filled the tank so maybe it's working. There's a bit of wear on the driver's windowsill where you'd rest your arm, but that shouldn't be a surprise. All the windows crank up and down easily, the heater and defroster work properly, and it's just nice to be behind the wheel. It's a stripped-down model, so there's no radio, but I bet it would be broken if there were one there anyway. The trunk is original and has a rubber mat plus an ancient spare tire with jack assembly, but no rust or issues hiding underneath.


Plymouth's robust 217 cubic inch flathead six makes modest numbers but this little coupe zips around with gusto. The engine has probably never been out of the car and I see signs of regular maintenance in the hard-to-photograph engine bay. It's not detailed and it's plenty crusty, but if you know these cars, you know this engine will run practically forever. It doesn't smoke or make unpleasant noises and it always starts quickly and idles smoothly, even when it's cold, so someone spent the time to tune it properly. The three-speed manual transmission shifts smoothly, although there's some clutch chatter if you don't do it right at take-off. Steering is typical of the era, especially with bias-ply tires which are old but still servicable. It's a bit dirty underneath, but again, I don't see any signs of trouble and it feels buttoned-down going down the road. The brakes are a little soft, and I might try bleeding them to get them to come back, but they do stop the car quite well.


Entry level fun doesn't have to be boring. The more I drive this car, the more I can appreciate it and I'm sure that someone looking to get a start but who doesn't want a '70s leftover will have a blast with it. We're only asking $15,900 and it's ready to enjoy today. Thanks for looking!


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Guest straight shooter

I have heard several times that the 40's and early 50's Plymouths drove superior to the comparable Fords and Chevys of the time and were very reliable.  

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