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WTB 1949 Dodge LH & RH Wheel Lugs

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Joe-  He does need the threaded bolt type.  Sorry I didn't clarify that in my post.  He didn't say anything about the lug nuts also, but with new lugs, it wouldn't hurt to have new lug nuts as well.


Jack-  That's a good thought about their having the lug bolts.  I'll check with them & see if they have those also.




Thanks guys for your help, 


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Just to be clear.

The threaded type of lug bolts I have are from 46-48 Chryslers.

They DO NOT have separate lug nuts but are actually bolts with a "lugnut" type head. So the threaded bolts I have thread into the brake drums from the front.

I have had 1949 Chrysler products in the past but I do not remember if they

have the lugs that are inserted into the brake drums from behind and then a lug nut is used to secure the wheel.

Let me know and I can take some pics if needed.

Also, Jack is correct. I believe NAPA sells the studs and lug nut type .


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Joe-  I probably didn't do a good job of describing what he needs.  He is looking for the type that your 1949 Chrysler products had.  This coupe that he has is the second series and is actually a car that I used to own.  It does have the separate lug nuts.  I went to NAPA today and all that they had was of the earlier design with the nut mounted on the end of the lug that screws in.  Those are the same type that I have on a '46 Dodge truck and also my '39 Dodge truck.




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