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1989 Red/Tan - worthy of consideration


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I don't have a vested interest in this car but I did inspect it about 12-18 months ago (when the seller was asking $6,000).


If anyone is interested, the car is in very, very good condition.  It's rust-free and everything works (or worked when I inspected the car).


Assuming you like the wheels, the only downside may be the front end (hood, not bumper) was in an accident.  Difficult to see but the front hood has been replaced or repainted.  The current owner knew nothing (or didn't admit to) of an accident.  No frame damage that I could tell.  It is extremely difficult to see the hood was repainted.  Car has a terrific shine w/ no clear coat issues.


*I* decided against the car at the time because I felt it was overpriced, don't care for the wheels and the hood repaint bothered me). I also don't care for the color combo.


But if you like red/tan combo, this car deserves serious consideration at $3,500 (obo).

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