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1952 Buick Riviera vent window rubber problems


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Hi to all Buick lovers,

let me introduce myself. My name is Marco and i live in the south west of Germany. I love old cars...especially us cars out of the fifties. My new „toy“ is a 1952 Buick Super Riviera. The car is absolutely original...first paint (rubbed through), only 59000 miles and it drives amazingly.. No noises, rattles, squeeking. I want to keep it as much original as i can. But there was one thing i wanted to change: the vent window rubbers. They looked so disgusting. So i ordered a pair of them. Originally it is one piece of rubber. But the replacements were two parts (see picture). I installed it first on the passengers side. You´ve to drill out the original rivets and replace them later with little screws. To make a long story short: After installin its not possible to open or close the vent window by the handle. I´ve to push really hard against the vent window to get it closed or to open it. I´ve adjusted it in all different possibilities. And I know where i have to adjust it (i´ve also the shop manuel). Also i don´t like the screws (instead of the rivets). O.k. you see them only when the door is open. But as i mentioned before, the car is all original and i want to keep the look.

I´m really disappointed and want to turn back the time. If i knew that before, i never changed these rubber parts! So please help me: Is there another manufacturer of the vent window rubber part....or is there a chance to get NOS parts? Or, does anybody has a complete original old vent window frame incl. the rubber?

Please help me!

Greets, Marco





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I installed a set of these rubber seals on my 1953 Special that is probably very similar to your set up. I have been very happy with the outcome. I used the seal kit from Steele Rubber. You are correct in that the original was one piece and the replacement seal is a two part kit.

I also suggest you lubricate with silicone grease as old-tank suggests and let it work in and try to operate the vent windows.

Good luck.

Joe, BCA 33493

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