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1925 Buick Standard - paint on the cowl aluminum trim


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Is this aluminum strip between the hood and cowl supposed to be bare aluminum or body color?  I have seen it both ways.  My car looks to have original paint.  This part also has black under the cloth cording that cushions the hood.  You can see where the cord is broken, and the black shows under it.  The green starts just past the cord on the cowl side.  I do not see any primer under the green though.  I know that they did not use tape at the factory.  Maybe someone just wanted to make this part body color at a later date.  Then again, the black firewall had to have a parting line somewhere.

It would be nice to get a picture of this aluminum piece to see if it should have no paint on it at all?   If there were no paint on this, even a clear finish, it would be a pain to keep up with regarding oxidation.  
Any comments on originality and the path you would take forward are appreciated.
Thank you   Hugh Leidlein  1925 Standard 6 Touring.  
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 During the 2014 Buick nationals I took this photo of Dan Evans's 1925 standard sedan with about 13,000 original miles. We believe that the body does appear to have original paint. It is the same Brewster green as our 25-25 is to have. From what I have seen on my 25, mine was originally black. (also available) Eventually I plan on repainting it to the green.



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After reading this thread, I looked at the one on my 1926-26.  It is steel and by all appearance is integral to the cowl and is painted the body color. Not a separate piece as on the 1925 models.

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I need to clean up this aluminum cowl trim on my 1925 Standard.  Would anyone know if this would be more likely to have a soft bead blasted finish, or would it be polished as with an aluminum paste like Simichrome or Mothers mag wheel polish?  Would clear coating be a good idea?  I would think it was probably finished like the trim around the floorboards.  Mine currently also  has some scratches in it from the hood stay that I would need to sand out. 


cowl trim.JPG


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Hugh :

On "Beulah" I just polish mine up a bit also. It always looks good. Every so often I would use a razor blade to clean off another section of the cowl band that had overspray from a poorly masked areas. After 5 years it is all cleaned up. The 1925 Master had the cowl band painted. Yuck! The use of a little lacquer thinner and steel wool made the car look much better. I think the previous owner painted the darker blue with the band off. Later after he assembled the body he painted the lighter blue over everything. You can sand out the scratches and then polish it as Leif said. Then it should be good for the duration of your ownership.

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