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1925 Moon. What is it worth?


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Hello Thomas,<BR> I have a 1985 version of Beverly Rae Kimes'"Standard Catalog of American Cars"in which the Moon model you mention is included.Value approximations{I'm not sure where they got these figures..and remember,this was 1985}range from $3300 in cond.5,$4400 in #4,$6700 in #3,$12,000 in #2 and $$24,000 in #1.There is a Moon expert/guru,{a descendant of one of the head company officials},named Carl Burst III who may still possibly be in the St.Louis area.Maybe he could give you further advice.Any article written on the Moon car in the last 20 years would mention his name.I'm sorry I don't have more info than that on Mr.Burst,but it's a start!Good luck..that's a very interesting and rare example of a car that deserves to be seen,shown and enjoyed. Jerry Garvin

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