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47 Chrysler Windsor

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I recently purchased this 47 Club coupe.  The car runs very well & I have replaced plugs, plug wires& distributor cap. When the car sits for 3 or 4 days or longer it takes some time to get it started again.  It will always start but it turns over approx. 15 times before it catches.

I haven't installed a electric fuel pump yet but after only 3 or 4 days I would think it would fire up a lot quicker. Would this be a carb problem or?



Bruce Watson

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II keep a squirt can of gasoline handy. When one of my cars sits for awhile I loosen the wing nut on the air filter and fill the gap under it with gas and let it trickle down then tighten it back up. works every time.

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Remember that, by Federal law, permanent wiring for an electric fuel pump must be attached to an oil pressure switch.


However, you can put a push-button override to energize the pump and fill the carb. Once the engine starts, oil pressure is present, and the pump would then be energized from this source.



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