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P5 & P6 Engines Different?


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Like the title says.

I'm looking at a 1938 P5 donor car for a 1938 P6 coupe which is missing its original engine. Is there a difference (other than numbers) if I use the P5 engine in a P6? 


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The P5 is the Plymouth Road King model and the P6 is the DeLuxe 6 model. Both use the same 201.3 C.I.D. 6 cylinder engine which I think is rather small  as most other engines were at least 218's. Most all of the Chrysler built 6's from '35-'52 are the same block with some exterior part changes, so yes it will work.

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From the chart in my '36 to '42 Plymouth factory service manual it looks like P5 cars were fitted with engines with a P6 prefix on their numbers. So in addition to being a bolt up change like jpage mentions, it should be exactly the same engine with externally the same markings.


Not sure for '38 but sometimes they fitted a bypass type thermostat on the DeLuxe line while used a non-bypass thermostat on the Roadking. So there might be some small differences like that, but the basic engine should be the same.

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