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Battery box paint


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Does anybody have a suggestion for what type of paint or coating would hold up well on a battery box under the floor of my 1940 LaSalle?


Appearance is a secondary consideration because the box is not visible. I am looking for something that can stand up to the acidic area around the battery.



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Suggest a rubberized coating. I have used this product from Eastwood: http://www.eastwood.com/paintable-rubberized-undercoat.html


An alternative is the pick up truck bed liner coating. Eastwood offers several brands. POR offers a quart and gallon size bed liner coating: http://www.por15.com/POR-15-OEM-Bed-Liner-_p_105.html. A more economical way maybe to visit to the local bed liner spray shop and perhaps they'll sell you a pint from their barrel or have them spray it.

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Guest BillP

On one of my cars, I used a plastic battery box with lid (it has a vent hole). I think it was for a marine application. After several years the battery is in perfectly clean condition, so much so that I was surprised. There was zero corrosion.

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