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Bye Bye 65 Riviera Gran Sport


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OK Riviera People: I've been checking First-Gen Rivieras out for a very long time.


Watch this video with Jerry and George. I have NEVER EVER EVER seen a sharper First-Gen Riviera. While I have been enchanted with a 65 Riviera GS for a long time, this Riviera absolutely kills the myth that the 65 GS is the holy grail of First-Gen Rivieras (as well as so many other makes and models).  This video clearly displays how sharp any stock First-Gen could be. Of course the color is rather spectacular as well as the quality of the build.


So.  I'm saying that when a First-Gen Riviera looks like Jerry's it makes NO DIFFERENCE which particular year or model it is.  The  bar has been set!    Mitch



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OK Riviera People: The more I re-evaluate this, the truer (in my bwain) it seems.  I have seen so many people modify a First-Gen Riviera. Why?  I can see color preferences but the rest?  .


Actually, when the Custom Car Yearbook came out I rushed down to get a copy because it featured George Barris building the new 63 Villa Riviera. Also keep in mind that it had a "Manufacturer's" plate on it. Could that mean the factory approved it?


I have since left the "C(K)ustom" world and have maintained an interest in the stock version of these models. There are so many details that appeal to me that when these cars are done properly they culminate in a real automotive treat.  This is also why I, who am not a mechanic, am a real annoyance for internet (unscientific) diagnosis.   Mitch

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