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1925 Standard Six tires - 525 x 21 black?

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I am looking for a set of tires for my 1925 Standard Six Duplex Coupe. It has the wooden spokes wheels. The intention is to buy new ones someday but for the build I prefer to have something that will hold air so at least I can roll it in and out of the garage as needed. 



I believe the size is 525 x 21


I can buy tubes and rim covers new if needed.


Any suggestions would be helpful :)











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Just curious 32x5.25 is a high pressure tire and a 5.25x21 is a balloon tire???  Same size but not necessarily interchangeable ???  seating shape of rim is different???

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Thank you Peter P and dictator27.  I was thinking back to 1949 and trying to remember information that my Grandfather told me about tires and the change from high pressure to balloon style.

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I have a 25 standard six speedster . I got model A tires I think 4:75 x 21 They work fine. I feel 5:25 might be bigger then you need. I got my tires from Coker for $ 99 each . I have 6 used tires but you are too far away .Would cost more then new tires to ship!!!

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