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Fuel pump pressure


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Motors Manual says an AC pump model AH was used on the 40-41 eights and gives the max pressure as 3 3/4psi.  None of the pumps used from 35-48 appear to be spec'd over 4 1/2psi.  The mechanical pumps are usually not an issue but if you have an electric pump, it is definitely possible to have too much pressure and if so, the excess can unseat the float valve and cause flooding.  

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I had a similar problem years ago on my 1954 Patrician and the addition of a small pressure regulator at the carburetor's inlet solved it. Between that and the addition of graphite engine oil and multi-tip spark plugs, the mileage was greatly improved and I even had to readjust the idle to slow it down as the extra friction reduction of the graphite and added oomph of the spark pulgs made it idle far too fast!

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