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Congrats to Ronnie


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 At this years Reatta Reunion, our Ronnie received the "Peterson Award" for his outstanding contributions to the Reatta Community. Over these last 7 years many of us have been recipients of his help and knowledge of cars and Reattas in particular. He has further supported us by setting up his own website with tutorials on how to fix many of the common problems we may experience. And if we need parts he has taken the time to pick the "right" new part for our cars.

 I can't think of anyone more deserving.

 Way to go Ronnie!

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Guest Corvanti

i don't know if i'm allowed to say this here - but here goes: please come over and join the ROJ Forum. it's like family, always folks willing to help with very little - if any - negative comments...


also, to keep the tutorials, forum, etc. up and running - please buy needed parts from "The Reatta Store" whenever possible. a very very small percentage is paid to ROJ from Amazon at no cost to you, the buyer. it keeps all the info available on ROJ up online and running on ROJ! :)

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Thanks for all the nice comments.  They are much appreciated. 


I'm happy to have been selected as the recipient of the Peterson Award for 2015.  It's nice to be recognized for the small contributions I have made to Reatta owners by helping them out with their problems when I can. I'm grateful to have been able to give something back to this forum and all the people who have helped me since I came here about eight years ago seeking help with my newly purchased Reatta. Everyone here has been so helpful by giving me repair information and helping me find parts when needed.  Without this forum there could never have been a Reatta Owners Journal.  Thank you all!


I was surprised when I received the award in the mail. It was totally unexpected as was the wonderful letter I received with it congratulating me on being presented with the award. I felt a little guilty about receiving the award when I opened up the package because I've not been able to contribute much to the Reatta Division, our club, who's officers selected me.  I would feel more deserving of the award if I had done more in that respect.


I'm proud to have received the Peterson award. It's ironic that my birthday was engraved on the award beside my name. Seeing that was just like icing on the cake. :D

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Hey there, Ronnie ... I've told you many times over the years how much I appreciate all you do for me as well as for the others on this site but that was just one on one praise. It is nice to see you get formally recognized for your consistently superior service and advice to your fellow Reatta owners. Congratulations! John

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