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Puyallup All Buick Open

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This was held yesterday under a bright sunny sky and a cooling breeze.  113 Buicks were in attendance. They ranged from 1908-the late 90's Rivieras.  Our local chapter of the BCA with the help and cooperation of other local chapters does an excellent job putting on this annual show for 23 years now.  This year the Reatta attendance slipped a little to only 4 cars at the event.  They were all '90s, 2 coupes and 2 convertibles.  The coupes were both red, one with a tan interior and the other with a gray interior.  My white and red interior convertible was there as well as a Maui Blue convertible.  As my car won a Gold award last year at the Portland National, I showed it as display only this year.  I have several pictures but I have to transfer them over from my cell phone so I'll post them up later.   

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