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Can you please help .How to hook up gas linkage from the cross shaft on a 1928 D B Senior to the butterfly arm on a Stromberg Carburetor model UX2. The linkage is missing and I do not know what it looks like.  If anyone has one for sale I am happy to buy it. Or at least an illustration.



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Thank you gentlemen, I have no idea what the linkage looks like. If you are familiar with Carter B B 1, the direction the butterfly travels  parallel to the engine block . The UX2 is the other way. The butterfly arm moves towards the block. There must be some sort of gadget linkage in between to change the  direction in moving the butterfly arm.


Layden B, your email is not working the way you suggest. Please email me  at your convenience hsahu8034@gmail.com. .


Cheers folks and have a nice day.

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