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1956 vacuum leak when wiper hoses attached


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I'm trying to solve the reason why I lose 8 inches of vacuum after I've hooked up the new vacuum lines. Disconnecting the lines at the first T and hooking up a vacuum gauge I get a solid 18 inches at idle. I pulled the wiper motor and it had crusted overt so I cleaned it up with brake cleaner, made new gaskets, added new grease, reassembled and hooked it back up and am still having vacuum problems. The motor turns when not seated at 12-15 inches of vacuum. The only other thing I can think of is that either the fluid pump itself has a leak, or I wired the motor power line to the switch power line. Could either of these cause this big of an issue? I think I've ruled out the motor because I sealed the gaskets pretty well.

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Well just checked and the system is wired properly. ... still trying to wrap my head around why it's giving me vacuum issues. Could it possibly be the pump? If I hit the washer button,I can hear it whir but nothing comes out until the engine is turned off.

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i recently had same issue ... the wiper motor worked well out of its firewall holder only ...  so with wiper motor off its holder you should be able to turn holder by hand to make wipers work if not check wiper lines under dash ..did you check the internal flapper inside the wiper motor ...if  it even shows a minor cut, or chip to the rubber  or very very  little wear anywhere on its rubbery edge .. then the seal it has with the inside wiper body walls will be comprimised & your losing major vacuum pressure .. or check there might be scoring to wiper housing walls..

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