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Great Race 2015A


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Was doing great until last night. I got some bad gas and I'm finished in Abilene. Nobody is open today (Fourth of July).

Changed the extremely clogged filter and it kept chugging at 45 mph uphill. Could be fuel separation too. 300 miles from home.

Getting a rental car so I can see fireworks then I will return with a trailer tomorrow or Monday.

Crap. Drove great the whole way until last night at 5pm.

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Crap!  I put bad gas in my 58 last year in OH and ended up tossing a can of Heet in the tank as a hail Mary....cleared it right up.

x2 on the Heet or similar product.  If you can first get the plug out of the bottom of the tank, drain off the offending substance.

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I got home with the wagon on a UHaul trailer at around 6 pm last night.

The manager at the O'Reillys in Snyder actually pulled one of their delivery trucks out so I could check / change parts inside on concrete. That is where I found the clogged filter. I use the clear / cleanable version at the tank (before my electric pump). I bought a new one just in case and swapped it.

I will check everything once I get a few customers dealt with.

The wagon cruised all day at 70-80 mph with my underdash AC keeping things quite comfortable.

Overall, I went over 3,000 miles in the three weeks I was gone. It got tons of good attention due to the rarity of the wagon. I promoted Buick, the BCA, the Great Race and my business.

BTW, I need to start a thread called "Hondas" on UHaul trailers. Of course you can't tell UHaul you are going to put a Buick on their trailer.

Amusing story that happened at a fuel stop yesterday. A motorcyclist and a few of his buddies were checking out the car when I came out with a soda. The main guy asked if it was still running the original 322. Wow, I thought, this guy knows what engine a Century has. He asked what was wrong with it. He said he rebuilds fuel pumps for a living and that he had a shop in DeLeon Texas. I shook the guy's hand and told Feltz that it was great to finally meet him. Yep, Terrill Machine guys were on a road trip. Kinda cool.



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Neat that you got to meet The Terrills!  On Saturday mornings, they are having a car show in Downtown DeLeon.  Probably close to The Terrills' museum?


Snyder?  There used to be a BCA member there, who also owned a local motel.


I know you're glad to be back to "Crazy Austin".



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Thanks for taking out the millions of future bugs Mike! :ph34r:

"future" ??? they looked pretty "now" to me. :P;):D

Bet I know the last thing on each one of those bugs minds when they hit the hood though...... their arse har har har....

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