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No Hupmobile this, but WOT ?


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G,day Huppers  Go to Ebay 141682394317 and although ended with no bids you will see a cam plate said to be Hup 1912 era. The camshaft is still in place in its poured in place bearings but  note the high tappet towers and the bridge between nos 2/3 and 6/7 tower. Look at the mounting boss at no 1 cam, perhaps for an oil pump fitting. I think not a Little as the shaft there is easy removable but could it be a Whiting which have, by the parts book, many parts common to Hup 20. The Nichalauds company did advertise replacement engine gearbox units for the Hup 20  Is this from one of these, but as they had many improvements over the Hup engine I think it is not from one of these. Anyone know what it was from ?. It is in Graettinger Iowa. Max Burke Nulkaba 2325 Australia.

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By jove your right Karl  I hadn't noted the obvious. There are no locating screws in the tappet towers either so I wonder what kept them tracking on the cams . Perhaps the cam profile is not concave on the tangents so as not to need them and they may have had flat feet in any case they are not there. I wonder what happened to the rest of the motor . Here,s hoping some learned person can tell us what it is

Max Burke Nulkaba 2325 Australia

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