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WTB 1971-73 Riviera Lower door armrest panels deluxe interior


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Sharknose, I think there's a pretty good chance that the pieces you're seeking were shared with the 2-door hardtop Electra 225 Custom and Electra 225 Custom Limited cars for the same model years.  This should give you a considerably broader range of lower interior door panels to look for.  I think that even '71 - '73 Olds Ninety Eight and Toronado may be the same for the lower door panels.


Perhaps it would be worthwhile to approach JohnD1956 on these forums, asking him to photograph and measure the lower door panels of his 1972 Electra 225 Custom 2-door hardtop. 

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Guest 75RivGS

Have you considered the repops? Have seen them in other Boattails and they look great. Still have to install the set I have here for my 73 (next winter hopefully)

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