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1936 Plymouth headlight cable and socket


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Do you need the entire socket assy. with the sockets, bakelite plugs and bayonet connector caps? Do you also need the socket that's in the headlamp body or is that part there? These are going to be hard to find. You might check with Mr. Axlerod who sells headlamps. I don't have his number but he advertises in most of the trade publications and on the internet. The bakelite plugs are very hard to find; they are the small round pieces that hold the wires in position in the connector sockets. Some guys just put regular bullet connectors on the wires and plug them together as you cannot see the connection of the wires when assembled. Check a wiring diagram as the wires on the harness specifically match the wires in the lamps. The special bayonet connectors that fasten the wiring harness are very hard to find and are usually cracked. If you have a new harness you will have to remove the contacts, install the connector sleeves and resolder the contacts on; you may have to do that anyway if you are using an old harness, which I would not recommend. Good luck in your search . I do have one extra headlamp harness for a '36 Dodge but I don't know if they are the same; thay should be as I think both cars use the same Riteway headlamp. 

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