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Trunk Latch Striker Plate

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Does anyone have a picture of the striker plate for the trunk latch on a 48 Continental coupe? Mine is completely gone. There is enough of the gasket channel left to replicate the part that is completely rusted away but I don't know the configuration of the plate where the trunk latch latches.


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        I'am also restoring a '48 LC Coupe, #1332 .  I can't seem to send pics to the forum, but

can send to "E" mails. You have the lock assembly, but do not know what the striker plate

looks like?  I have a '41 LC Coupe trunk "ring" that I'am going to weld in to the body, They

were the same . I can take pics of this on Monday and send to you. My "E"  is  zephyr38@

Verizon.net.      Hope I can help---Larry 

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Here are couple of picture of what I am dealing with on the trunk latch striker plate. We can fabricate a replacement for the missing part of the trunk gasket channel but don't know the configuration of the striker plate. I have the trunk latch itself so know where the striker plate needs to go.


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Dan, you need to contact Merv Adkins in California. He is a well know Lincoln parts dealer who might have your missing piece from on of his numerous parts cars. Much easier with the actual lip available than trying to fabricate the whole missing piece.there is just a small metal that juts from the missing lip that the trunk lock catches on to and locks the lid in place. The missing lip looks almost like a square "J" shape and flat on the bottom...the weatherstripping lays in this lip. What's the status of the lid itself?

The missing lip has the weatherstripping glued to the rim. Completely surrounds the trunk rim. This is available from Narraganset Reproductions you will find their printable catalog listed in their ad on this LZOC webpage. Go back to the webpage and clic on the "sources" icon and print it out . Look under the "rubber" section for the weather stripping.

What is the status of the trunk lid and lock mechanism? Hope not as bad as the body lip. Looks like you are gonna have lot of welding practice in the future.

If I can help with some pictures, email me at johnandmarjorae@embarqmail.com


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