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Dodge DA driver door

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I had a real bad day on the 30 DA, I was wiring tail light Assy , Had car on hydraulic lift, (my head wasn't where it should had been). While raising it I had the drivers door open and it hooked the lift on its way up.

You can image the damage, !!!

Lucky it is only the top of the door, and I didn't have glass installed.

I worked the rest of the day, straightening and finessing it.

It will close but still a little sprung

Looking for a door, and I will need another handle.

If any body has a lead, let me know, there was a set in Pennsevania , but they are sold, the guys hasn't pick them up yet, told the guy to let me know if owner is interested in selling.

If I can't find I will strip door down and put the heat to it.


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