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Brake reservoir tank 1930 Chrysler 66 Roadster

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Looking for a non-leaking brake fluid supply tank for my 1930 Chrysler 66 Roadster.  The tank on the car had a leak, and even after stripping, naval jelly, and resoldering the joints, its still leaking.  Just a pinhole somewhere, but the paint wrinkled and lifted at the bottom seam, so I'm looking for a replacement.  The tank is approx. 3" in diameter and 6" tall, with a screw on cap and a taper compression fitting on the bottom.

Looks like the one found here




Any leads would be greatly appreciated - I've scoured Ebay, and the rest of the web looking and have yet to find one.

Mark 330-882-5950 days

330-529-4415 eves

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I ended up buying a can from Freud.  The original fittings appeared after taking off all the solder someone used to try and fix the leak.  The original fittings use a soft copper crush washer sandwiched between the can and two threaded brass compression parts.  I drilled the can, added a new copper crush washer and tightened the fittings down to squash the crush washer.  Viola, the can is leak free, fits the original firewall bracket, and looks great.  Can cost about $8.00 - I think the shipping was more.

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