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1983 Riviera XX found in Arkansas

Barney Eaton

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On the way home from Springfield I saw this '83 Riviera XX along the road.   Turned around and stopped to get more info but the place almost looks abandoned,  was able to get this picture but there were "posted" signs and in NW Arkansas I figured they would never find my body if I got shot.    I am working on some leads and wanted to post it here first before posting it on the Riviera site.

The front, back, and passanger side look good, could not see drivers side, all the glass is there and so are the wire wheels.    The picture show the hood is loosing its paint....might have been an engine fire.


I am not interested in the car and will tell you it is located at the intersection of 23 and 187 in NW Arkansas.   More info as it is received.


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I now have more information on the place.....after talking to several people in the area, the location is considered abandoned,

the tax assessor said it will belong to the state (it may take years) because of unpaid taxes. 

The owner name is Jerry or Gerald Weaver,  the only address is PO Box 3115 Holiday Island AR   72631


There may be other interesting vehicles on the property and now that I know the guy does not live on the property I would have gotten closer for better photos.

I hope someone gets this,  information available says 500 were made plus 2 convertible pace cars. 

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I've owned two of these cars and upfront will advise anyone considering purchasing one that they make sure it is complete. You cannot find replacement or reproduction parts for it - period.  That would include beauty rings and center caps, the emblems, the amber turn signal lenses, dash panel and door panels, and trunk lid lining (same Wilton wool as the carpet with the Riviera logo on it.)  The seats are leather and suede, not cheap to reupholster.  The tape stripe that divides the two tone paint is no longer available so remember that if repainting the fenders and quarters is in order.  There's probably more but that's what I can think of right now.  

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